Sex toys : toys of all kinds to stimulate pleasure but not only !

Until now, talking about sex toys was synonymous with pleasure. And it is not that it has ceased to be, but that they also have multiple benefits for our intimate and psychosexual health. But why is the use of the sex toy important ?

The benefits of sex toys

Sex toys, whether by vibration or sound waves, generate an increase in blood supply by vasodilation that occurs during the period of arousal. In addition, during orgasm, multiple muscle contractions occur throughout our body, but especially in the pelvic floor muscles, similar to the physiological sexual response. The increased vascularity and contractions that occur at the pelvic floor will promote tissue trophism, providing greater oxygenation and nutrients, thus improving the vulvovaginal mucosa and improving muscle tone, respectively.

Are all sex toys the same ?

Today there is a wide range of sex toys, and in addition to our preferences and tastes, an important thing when choosing is what type of material it is made of. To reduce the risk of allergies, it is recommended that they be made of silicone and preferably non-porous materials, which promote hygiene and disinfection. In terms of operation, some are battery-powered and the most modern are rechargeable via USB, and there are some that are submersible to use, for example, in the shower. There are external ones to stimulate the clitoris, internal ones to stimulate the vagina, or double ones that stimulate both areas at the same time to be used alone or with a partner. Vibrators usually have different powers in terms of intensity and can be continuous or pulsating. There are also anal vibrators that can be useful in vaginal gynecology.

Which sex toy to buy ?

Always look for a sex toy that you feel comfortable with. It is useless for us to indicate it during the consultation, if at the time of using it you do not feel comfortable. So it has to be something that you find enjoyable to use, that you want to use., : dernières parutions.